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With anything that challenges the status quo, people are always going to be curious as to how it works. But we’re an open book. Feel free to ask us anything and we’ll give you the straightest answer we can.

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Honestly, there isn’t one. We manage your whole claim for you — from the second you report it to the minute you're paid out. And, best of all, it won’t cost you a penny. The financial and legal obligation all rests on the at-fault insurance company and we’ll deal with them directly, on your behalf.

Dealing with your insurer can be a car crash in itself. And that’s if you manage to get through to them. We avoid any third wheeling, dealing with everything on your behalf. Not just saving you the stress and time, but protecting you from that god-awful elevator music they’d have you listening to.

Believing in complete transparency, we make sure you’re never hit by any hidden costs — or any nasty surprises along the way.

Your claim is covered through your membership and, if the accident wasn't your fault, we recover all costs from the other party's insurer.

We also don’t charge you extra if you are at fault. Quite the opposite. We’ll put £150 towards your excess, so you’re only responsible for any uninsured costs, such as the remaining policy excess amount.

The only time we would charge you is if we find out you’re making a fraudulent claim — for example, a staged accident. In this situation, you’d be liable for all hire car charges.

Not one bit.

If you claim through us and it’s not your fault, you won't pay a penny of excess and we’ll protect your no-claims. Even if you are at fault, we’ll put £150 towards your excess.

The only thing that could potentially change is your insurance premium, but even that wouldn’t increase as much as if your insurer handled the claim.

Every cost you rack up is paid for by the at-fault insurance company. From recovery after an accident to providing your like-for-like replacement, it’s their legal obligation to cover all and any costs.

No. After reporting the claim to us, it’s important you notify your insurer for their records. That way, everyone knows where they stand with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

If the accident is your fault, you'll need to tell your insurer that you're reporting a claim. They’ll provide a claim reference number that you can pass on to your Claimsline approved repairer.

We’ll then estimate the damage and get authorisation from your insurer. When you come to get your vehicle, we’ll knock £150 off your excess — you’ll just need to cover the rest.

As our client, we’ll negotiate with the at-fault insurance company on your behalf.

If the worst does happen and your vehicle has reached the end of its journey, we’ll use our valuation tools to make sure you receive the fair market value. Once this is agreed, we’ll transfer the funds straight over.

It is then your obligation to clear any existing finance on the vehicle. And don’t worry, we’ll let you keep hold of your replacement vehicle for a week after receiving the pay-out, giving you time to find a new set of wheels.

If you check into one of our BS101 manufactured approved repairers, we’ll provide you with a hire car until yours is fixed. And while we’ll do our best to match the vehicle you’re used to, we can’t always guarantee a like-for-like vehicle.

Claimsline is a claims management company. We don’t insure your vehicle or replace any insurance on it. We solely deal with claims made after an accident.

Yes. If you’re not insured, it’s actually illegal for you to get behind the wheel and you’re not financially protected. So, pretty essential stuff.

We’re an accident assistance service that works alongside your car insurance policy, not instead of it. On your side from the start, our job is to help you navigate the claims process and save money.


We understand that any injury can be traumatic, and work with several experienced solicitors to help you through the process as effectively as possible.

That said, if you want to make a claim yourself, you can head to the Official Injury Claim website: https:/ There you’ll find easy-to-follow steps on making a claim, what to expect when pursuing a claim, and advice on how to obtain compensation and financial support.

You’ll also find guidance from other people who have suffered injuries — either through an accident or negligence.

Occasionally, insurance companies might question who’s responsible for an accident after assessing all the information they've received.

Should this happen, we’d work alongside you to determine the facts. You’d need to give us all the relevant documents and evidence that you have, to help us establish liability against the opposing driver.

If we can’t reach an agreement after that, you may be asked to file a claim with your own insurance policy.

If you’re not responsible for the accident and your insurance company doesn’t cover any of the costs, your no-claims can’t be touched. Without a claim, how could it be?

Of course. We'll collect and transport your vehicle to one of our approved bodyshops — not just the closest local garage. As for you, we’ll make sure you get exactly where you were heading.

We work with a number of meticulously vetted and approved hiring partners from every corner of the UK.

Each one is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and a member of the Credit Hire Organisation (CHO). That’s important, making sure you know they’re sticking to the highest industry standards.

Our experienced providers specialise in all vehicle types. So whichever hiring company you end up with, you'll receive the best replacement car you can.

BS 10125 is an industry-standard specification which outlines the minimum requirements needed for the repair of a vehicle following a collision. It is designed to guarantee that any repaired vehicle meets the manufacturer's specifications — and more importantly — is roadworthy and safe for you to be driving.

We only use genuine manufacturer's guarantee parts. These are all brand new, unlike most insurers who tend to use second hand or "green parts”. You can probably spot such words if you skim through your insurance policy.

If it gives you that extra peace of mind, we’re not going to stand in your way. Only one thing to note. If you were at fault and the garage you choose isn’t in our network, we won’t be able to contribute £150 to your excess or provide a temporary replacement vehicle.

All repairs are carried out by our approved BS 10125 repairers. We’ll also do our best to use a repairer near to home, not the closest to where you break down.

Yes. You went green for a reason and we’ll never intentionally make you go back on that decision.

We provide a temporary replacement vehicle at a cost. However, you’ll never pay it. We settle the charges upfront — which is why it is called credit hire — and then recover everything from the at-fault party's insurer.

That’s why you’ll never hear us call it a courtesy car. Even though it feels like it is.

The Claimsline repairing garage will provide a lifetime workmanship guarantee for the quality of the repair of your vehicle for as long as you are the registered owner.

Unfortunately not. We only give a free £150 fuel card to members who aren’t responsible for an accident.

For life. Seriously. All we ask in return is that you keep your contact and vehicle details up to date. That will ensure you’re eligible for every membership benefit if you have to make a claim in the future.

If you’re not at fault for the accident, and have been a Claimsline member for over 48 hours, we’ll send your fuel card within 2 days of getting your replacement vehicle’s keys. It will be valid at any gas or charging station across the UK.

If you’ve been a Claimsline member for over 48 hours, we’ll email your Taste Card details 5 days after you report an accident to us. Then you only have one big decision to make: go out for pizza or get it delivered.

Once your signed up we'll email you a link to our rental car page where discounts will already be applied. You'll get 5% off with Alamo, 15% off at National and up to 10% off with Enterprise Rent-A-Car – except non-airport Enterprise locations in the US and Canada, where you'll save 5%.

Each month, we’ll announce what the competition is and how it works on our social channels and email. And, trust us, you won’t want to miss them. Our first giveaway is launching soon, giving you the chance to drive away in Mercedes-Benz EQC with 12 months free insurance.

We don’t have time for backseat drivers. Just ask us upfront.

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